Maintaining your device to get the best price for it

06 Dec, 2022

4 min read

06 Dec, 2022 . 4 min read

Like any other asset, a gadget needs its share of TLC! For those of you who are not very attached to your electronic stash, there’s a practical reason to take good care of your devices too. Following a maintenance protocol helps extend your device’s life and efficiency; which in turn adds to the resale value. Sounds interesting? An extra thought for your gadget’s health will go a long way – better battery life, greater functioning speeds and lesser wear and tear. Read on for some gadget maintenance tips that will help you get the best price when you wish to sell your old phone or used electronics on the secondary market.

A man putting screen guard or protector on a phone

1- Protective gear

When you buy a gadget, layer it up. Screen protectors, silicone keyboard protectors, laptop cases – they’re all worth it. Protecting your gadget from physical damage is the first step to getting a good price on the secondary market.

Installing anti-virus on a laptop

2- Anti-virus

After making sure your device has adequate physical protection, guard it against the internet too. Subscribe to a multi-pronged anti-virus service which will act as a firewall and stand as a barrier between your device and viruses and spam. While you’re at it, enhance your anti-virus arsenal with an ad-blocker.

increasing speed of a phone

3- Optimizer apps

Enlist the services of an optimizer app. Running it once a day helps boost speed and performance of your smartphone. Optimizer apps contribute directly to saving battery power and in turn battery life, by putting unused apps to sleep and disabling background data usage.

a phone on a charger

4- Charging

Always charge your device mindfully. Leaving it plugged to the charger for extended time periods is the single most important reason for battery health issues. To avoid damaging your battery’s strength, remember to unplug once the battery is topped up.


5- Accessories

Always use branded accessories. From chargers to cables and power packs, you must use only brand name merchandise. Many gadgets have found their way prematurely to landfills because of faulty aftermarket accessories.


6- Spit and polish

A little bit of spit and polish will help your gadget in this world obsessed with good looks! Jokes apart, a device without grime and stains will be assessed at a higher price.

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