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Steps to Take to Sell My Used iPhone Online

21 Nov, 2022

3 min read

21 Nov, 2022 . 3 min read

Why would you sell your old iPhone? The reasons can be many. One trending reason is switching to a 5G cellular network. iPhone SE (3rd generation), iPhone 12 models, and iPhone 13 models come with the 5G network. You can already find them capturing 5 places among the 10 top-selling smartphones as of April 2022. Using an old model won’t get you the basic advanced features like a larger screen, higher-quality display, more robust build, six-core CPU, multiple camera settings, and so on. Among these features, a hexacore CPU comes with 70% faster four efficiency cores and 25% faster two performance cores. This can alone improve the functionality of a phone.  

Now you can sell old gadgets online for cash. So, wait not and sell your phone to finance a large part of the price for a better model. Here are the steps to take:   

Back-up all data  

You do not want to lose the data on your iPhone. So, before selling it, back up all your data. These include your notes, documents, contacts, call records, messages, photos, videos, audio, songs, and game progress.  

Unpair devices and remove locks and accounts  

You might have paired different devices to your phone, including your wireless speakers, earbuds, and smartwatch. Unpair them all before you sell your iPhone. If you had set up screen locks and app locks in the form of PINs, patterns, passwords, and your fingerprint, remove them. Now log out of all the accounts maintained on your iPhone. They can include your iCloud account, WhatsApp account(s), social media accounts, and third-party apps. Since you have backed up their data, there is no cause for worry.  

Take out your SD card and SIM card  

Remember to remove your SIM card and SD card so you can insert and use them in a new phone.  

Do a factory reset  

A factory reset is necessary before you sell your iPhone. It ensures that every trace of your phone’s memory is erased so that no one can access the same. It can also clean the internal storage and RAM to allow the phone to run smoothly.  

If you cannot conduct a factory reset, NorthLadder can do it in your presence and give you a certificate. This ensures data sanitization without security issues.  

Choose the best seller 

Over 30,000 customers have trusted North Ladder to sell their old devices online. The company has tie-ups with over 200 dealers who compete to give you the best price. These factors have made North Ladder a top online portal for selling used electronics.  

NorthLadder does a free home pick-up for your device; you must visit the website, enter your device details, and schedule a visit for your device(s). The agent will evaluate your device(s) and give you cash on the spot. 

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