Managing your electronic waste

13 Dec, 2022

5 min read

13 Dec, 2022 . 5 min read

All of us own multiple gadgets. From phones to laptops, tablets and smart watches; each of these come with an entourage of wires, chargers, batteries and accessories. The gadgets we consume and the electronic waste we generate is very quickly ending up in landfills. This heap seeps toxic chemical waste into the earth and water reserves; which eventually finds its way into humans, animals and plants. Do the world a favor and never dump your electronics – it’s hazardous and irresponsible!

Manufacturers are doing their bit by excluding charger plugs and earphones from new retail boxes in an attempt to minimize the impact of their products on the environment. What should you do? How can you help? It may sound like a huge task – saving the earth – but every single person can contribute. Recycling is one option, so is introducing gadgets to the secondary market by selling used phones or laptops.

Recycle your gadget if it’s not usable anymore – even when you recycle to scrap the gadget, it can be harvested for the precious metals that it’s made up of. You might not get the same results that you do when you mine gold, but you’ll definitely sleep better! And yes, you just became an environment hero.

If your gadget has been used and is in working condition, pass it on down the line. NorthLadder offers multiple options – sell your old phone to us for cash or donate it to a charity through our platform. Donating your gadget takes it to underprivileged families, schools that need electronics, charitable institutions, non-profit organizations and even libraries. Why not? Let NorthLadder help you do a good deed through its partnerships with charity organizations Dubai Cares & Al Jalila Foundation . Selling your phone or laptop increases its life, because NorthLadder will find it a new home. The transaction will effectively reduce the damage your gadget does to the environment by ensuring more than one user, thus shrinking the size of its carbon footprint. Tiny steps. Also, selling your phone for cash will help you to partly fund the next one. Win-win!

Worried about your data? Here’s what you should know. In brief, back up everything you wish to keep – transfer data, photos, videos, songs – and then set it up for a factory reset. Remember to take out your SIM card if there is one.

Call it spring cleaning, environmental consciousness, upgrading your gadget or what you will – just get into those drawers and cabinets and start putting your electronic waste to good use! Inspired to sell a used phone or donate it? Take a moment to understand what NorthLadder does. What exactly is NorthLadder? NorthLadder is a unique service where you can sell your laptop, phone, smartwatch and tablet online and get instant cash in a safe, dignified and hassle-free manner. There is a significant difference between the average dealer price and maximum price you get if you sell your electronics online with NorthLadder. How do we manage to give you a good deal? The devil is in the details – NorthLadder has set up a platform of dealers who participate in an auction for your device. What you get is the highest bid or the best price for your used electronics from this auction. There are no hidden costs and no surprises. NorthLadder also offers a home pick up service to give you the option of carrying out the deal from the convenience of your home. When you sell your laptop or phone through us, we will back up and erase your data using internationally approved software, for a small fee. To understand how exactly we work, visit our website, or get in touch at .

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