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Till when is your smartphone safe to use?

02 Feb, 2023

4 min read

02 Feb, 2023 . 4 min read

Smartphone safety is not just about hardware, it has a lot to do with the software the device is running on. This means that the security of your phone can be compromised not only through physical access and passwords, but also through software that has not been updated. This situation typically arises when you have used a phone for too long, and the service provider has stopped sending automatic security updates.

So, how long should you hold onto your phone? Even if you manage to overcome the temptation of constant new launches, added features and new tech because you’re environmentally conscious, you still have your privacy to protect. Keeping in consideration the need for sustainability, every phone has a ‘secure’ lifespan, after which the user is put at risk. After a while, it’s not just about the physical condition of your phone, but also about which software it can upgrade to and is capable of running. That’s where security upgrades come in along with the advice to let your smartphone upgrade automatically whenever an advancement is offered. This is different not just for every service provider, but also for various models of phones within a company. An average iPhone is supported by Apple for about 5 years after it is launched. So, your iPhone will receive software upgrades for a maximum of five years. An Android phone, on the other hand, receives software updates for about three years, leaving you exposed after that. Most users change phones after two to three years of use, to enjoy the latest features of new models and also to get the best price for their old phones on the secondary market. This leaves enough of a time overlap to keep your phone safe.

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