How to keep your kids safe online

22 Feb, 2023

4 min read

22 Feb, 2023 . 4 min read

Thinking about getting your child a smartphone, tablet or a laptop? You will have quite a few things to consider including budgets and online safety. While NorthLadder can help you buy a device that suits your child’s needs for less (we’ll tell you what you need to do); you will also need some guidelines to keep your child safe on the internet. Here are some basic online safety tips followed by NorthLadder’s clever solution to pay less for the new gadget.

  • Empower, don’t scare

Letting a child browse independently is a big step. Nothing can prepare you for what the internet can spring on your child. So the best solution is to have an open conversation about the dangers of the internet without alarming them. Teaching kids the difference between right and wrong will empower them to make the right decision as and when a situation arises.

  • Supervise

There is a thin line between supervising your child’s online activity and spying on them! As long as you have some parental control installed, a regular peep over the shoulder should be enough to keep you in the loop about what your child is accessing. Active surveillance will only end up causing friction between you and the child.

  • Talk about it

Despite all the empowering, supervision and parental control, the chances of a child viewing disturbing content on the internet are very high. All you can do is encourage your child to talk about it in a way that they don’t feel ashamed, judged or guilty.

  • Encourage responsibility

Teaching children responsible online behavior can keep them out of trouble. Lay down some ground rules about contacting strangers online, giving out personal information, clicking on websites that they don’t recognize and posting on social media. These basics lower the risks that your child will face considerably.

  • Explain cyberbullying and trolling

Cyberbullying and trolling are very common and it is a matter of time before your child experiences this unpleasant side of the internet. Make your child aware, teach them about the risks and reach out for help and guidance if your child has been exposed to either.

  • Understand the content

Generation gap on the internet is real. New apps and content are introduced on the internet all the time, and it is normal to get stumped by the latest. Take some time out and research the apps that your child is downloading and evaluate them for risk.

These tips should prepare you adequately when introducing your child online and ensuring that they stay safe. Now let’s talk about helping you buy the perfect device for your child – for less.

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