How to buy the right smartwatch

16 Feb, 2023

5 min read

16 Feb, 2023 . 5 min read

Which smartwatch is right for you? With wearable tech available as so many options, this question can set off pages of discussion. The variety of smartwatches is so wide that when you select one that suits you, it’s almost as if it has been customized to your requirement! We’re listing some factors that will help shortlist and select the right smartwatch for you.

  • Compatibility

Basics first. Since a smartwatch is designed to accompany a smartphone, make sure that the two have compatible operating systems. An Apple watch works only with an iPhone – no surprises here – but Fitbits work with certain Android models as well as with iPhones.

  • Display

It’s all about the price here – LCD displays are bulkier but cheaper while OLEDs are pricier and slimmer. If you opt for an LCD display, consider a black and white screen if battery life is important to you; else the bright colorful display provides a rich viewing experience.

  • Interface

You will have a choice between touchscreen and touchless interfaces as well as a combination of gesture based interfaces, commands that involve wrist flicking, digital crown and side button on the body of the watch and even a rotating bezel that can be used for scrolling.

  • Personalization

Smartwatch makers offer choice of strap, band color, band material, face color, finish and size. Some smartwatches can even be personalized with third party options, so if you’re clued in on fashion, that might be something to consider.

  • App menu

Spend some time researching the app menu that different wearable makers offer. Though everyone lists enough and more, some makers have developed apps that may be specific to your needs. Make an informed decision.

  • Functionality

Figure out the primary function of your smartwatch. Do you wish to use it as a health and fitness tracker? Is it to be an extension of your smartphone? Do you need it to make calls? Or are you buying it simply because you should have one? Once its functionality is decided, it becomes easier to work on other details.

  • Battery life

Watches with black and white displays last longer than ones with color displays while watches with a voice function run out of juice faster than those without. Choose your watch according to how often you are willing to set it down to top up.

  • Budget

One of the simplest ways of coming to a decision is by freezing your budget. Once you know how much you wish to spend, there will be a lot of elimination in terms of choice. A constant in the equation makes it easier to take a call about looks and functionality.

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