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How Much Cash Can I Get by Selling My Samsung Phone?

08 Jan, 2023

4 min read

08 Jan, 2023 . 4 min read

In Q1 2022, Samsung led the smartphone market in the GCC with a 47.5% share in terms of shipment. On the other hand, the vendor market share of Samsung mobile phones was the highest (29.99%) in the UAE as of July 2022. It shows that Samsung smartphones are the most in-demand in the country, which means you stand a chance to get a reasonable price by selling your old Samsung phone.  

When you sell an old gadget for cash, its resale value depends on certain factors. Which factors determine the resale price of a used Samsung mobile you wish to sell? Here’s a look.   

Age and Model  

These are the first things one notices when buying a used phone. Usually, you can estimate that the value of a phone reduces by half within a year of use. However, you can have better expectations for Samsung, a top brand that retains its value for a long time. On the other hand, new and advanced models can attract better price bids.   

Physical Factors  

The physical condition of your phone is a significant factor in deciding its resale value. Usually, it can be classified as follows:  

  • Flawless condition: In this condition, your phone must not show any signs of pre-ownership. It should be free from cosmetic blemishes, water damage, dents, and scratches.    
  • Good condition: In this condition, your device will appear slightly used and may show very few minor scratches and no dents. Nevertheless, it should run perfectly.   
  • Average condition: If your phone has visible physical damages, such as several scratches, dents, or other cosmetic problems, the resale value will decrease considerably.   
  • Broken but working: If your phone has hardware issues, paint wear, major dents, cracked screen, or burnt screen.  

What to do: If there are spots on the cover and screen or dust deposits on the speakers and ports, you can clean them. A better appearance can help attract a reasonable resale price.   

Functional Factors  

You can’t expect a great resale price when you sell poorly functioning gadgets for cash. Likewise, suppose your phone has faulty lock and volume buttons, a non-functional SD card slot, or a battery that suffers from overheating. In that case, the resale value will be affected considerably. Even a battery with a low average life can reduce the resale value of a phone.   

Storage Capacity   

A phone with 64 GB internal storage will get a lower value than one with 128 GB, 246 GB, or 512 GB internal space. The value goes up with the storage capacity.   

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