6 must do’s before selling your laptop

22 Jan, 2023

5 min read

22 Jan, 2023 . 5 min read

Thinking about upgrading to the latest machine? Why not put your old laptop on the secondary market and help yourself pay for the new one! But before you go ahead and sell your laptop, here are 6 things you should do to keep yourself safe and organized.

  • Remember to back up your data
A keyboard with backup written on it

Backing up data is a must even if you’re not planning to sell your used laptop. It keeps you on top – more so when you’re selling – since you will have a copy of your work and personal data to hit the ground running when you get your new device. Loss of data can bring work and life in general to a standstill, so remember to use cloud services or an external hard drive for your backup before you return your device to factory settings. You must also remember to sign out of all accounts.

  • De-authorize the software
installing updates on a laptop

With software manufacturers ensuring that their services are paid and accounted for, very often, software licenses are limited to the machines they are installed on. This means that when migrating to a new machine, you will have to deactivate certain programs and then transfer them on to the new laptop. Make a list of the programs you are using so that you don’t risk losing any in the process.

  • Erase the hard drive
Backing up a laptop

Wiping the hard drive clean means deleting all files including company provided software, personally installed software and all storage from your computer without the possibility of retrieving it again. This should be done only after you have satisfactorily backed up all data onto a cloud or an external hard drive. Once the disk is wiped clean, it is impossible for anyone to get access to your data, keeping your privacy intact.

  • Install the operating system
Laptop getting updated

After you’ve erased the hard drive, you will have to return it to factory settings. This means reinstalling the operating system through the backup disk that came with it when you bought it. If you don’t have the disk, there are ways to locate a copy of the same through your provider.

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  • Laptop specs
Image of a website screen tab

When selling a gadget, especially online, you need to be fully conversant with its details. This includes not just brand, model and year of manufacture but also technical specs with details like operating system, processor name, RAM capacity and screen size.

  • Clean it up
Image of a person cleaning a laptop

Start the process of giving your old laptop a makeover by opening it and turning it upside down for a slight shake. Any loose particles will drop out of crevices in the keyboard. Proceed by wiping it down with a moist cloth or use a gentle cleaning solution. You must replace any missing parts like keys and remove stickers and personalization as well.

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